​​Des Moines (WA) Masonic Lodge #245
​of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted of Washington

Committees Associated with the Des Moines Masonic Lodge 245

Officers of the Lodge

Master of the Lodge: WM John Cover Spear
Senior Warden: WB Earl DeWitt
Junior Warden: Bro Carlos Pena
Treasurer: WB Steve Gertzner
Secretary: WB Jerry Whitney

Senior Deacon: Bro Nestor Illog
Junior Deacon: WB Don Murray
Chaplain: WB Luis Marifosque
Marshal: WB Dale Collier
Senior Steward: WB Denis Short
Junior Steward: Bro Michael Bigjim
Musician: WB Jun Lagnada

Tiler: WB Timothy Hurley

Candidate Coaches:
As Assigned by the Worshipful Master
Committee on Member Education and Training:
-WM John Cover Spear

Bro Carlos Pena

Committee on Public Relations and Public Awareness:
-WB Earl DeWitt

Committee on Policies and Procedures to
Strengthen Lodge Administration and Management
-WB Don Murray

WM John Cover Spear

Concordant Body Coordinators:
Jobs Daughters
-WM John Cover Spear
Order of Eastern Star-Bro. Carlos Pena
Royal Arch Masons/Triple Tau-WB Jerry Whitney

Finance Advisory Commitee:
WM John Cover Spear

WB Donald Murray
WB Jerry Whitney

WB Steve Gertsner

Ladies Programs:
WB Denis Short

Long Range Planning:
All Lodge Members

(Master, Sr. Warden and Jr. Warden

are integral parts of that committ.)

Masonic Education:
WM John Cover Spear
Bro Carlos Pena

Candidate Coaches:

​WB Denis Short

WB Earl DeWitt

WB Jun Lagnada

WB Don Murray

High School Award Program:
"Computers for Jr. Students" at

Mt Rainier High School, Des Moines, WA

WB Earl DeWitt

WM John Cover Spear

Elementary Schools-Program

"Bikes for Books"

North Hill Elementary School
WB Denis Short., PM

WB Frank Smith

WB Gene Fish, PM

Temple Board Trustees
Worshipful Master:  John Cover Spear
Senior Warden: Earl DeWitt,, PM
Junior Warden: Carlos Pena

Elected Association Members:

President: Nestor Ilog
Vice-President: To be Filled

Secretary: To Be Filled
Treasurer: Bro Jeremy Nutting
Building Manager: WM John Cover Spear
Rental Manager: WM John Cover Spear

Master: Robert Parker & WM John Cover Spear
Telephone & Email:
WB Earl DeWitt, PM
WB Jerry Whitney, PM
Training & Floor Work:  Officers Coaches

All Officers work to the good of all members!